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NBA Legend Michael Jordan appears to be chasing another ring.

I will eat some crow here and admit I was one of the loudest voices in the crowd asking why Terry Ryan gets to slide back into the captain chair after his right hand man Bill Smith sharted the bed.

MRI reveals Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortart's season appears to be over. 

Here are my NFL draft positional rankings as of 3/6/13

Breakdowns will be provided as follows:

March 5: Quarterbacks & Running Backs 

March 6: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

March 7: Offensive Line

March 8: Defensive Line

March 15: Linebackers

March 20: Secondary

Three days ago the Kansas City Cheifs tagged Branden Albert their starting left tackle. Which brings me to the question, Will they draft Luke Joeckel or trade the number one?

           Baseball, America's pastime, has developed into a global game, and like much of America's products, the rest of the world is attempting to do it better that us!  In just a few hours now, Team USA will bring together a makeshift assembly of great American baseball players, and challenge them to beat the rest of the world in a game that we created.  Yes, the World Baseball Classic is here again, snore, but this year is our year!  No but really, and here is why...

March 7th - Big off-season plans in upstate NY will go in motion starting next week...

According to reports, Gunner Kiel intends on transferring from Notre Dame.

Outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been discussed as the most dominant corner in the NFL right now. ESPN First Take host Skip Bayless didn't think so.

I’ve heard plenty of controversy whether or not Amar’e Stoudemire has earned a starting spot.  Even with Carmelo questionable going into tonight, the answer is NO.  If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. 

Good matchups on TNT tonight even better trends that gamblers may be able to exploit..

As recently as this afternoon, former Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel continues to improve his draft stock. 

            Amongst the rash of free agent signings set to come, the NFL market place is currently experiencing the calm before the storm.  That being said, we can still hear the rumbles of thunder off in the distance.  Today, the forecast calls for Ravens, and we'll see who is staying home and who is migrating for the 2013 campaign.  Either way, I hope to be more accurate with my predictions than your local weatherman.

**BREAKING IBN NBA NEWS** Collins on his way out!

The Vikings enter this offseason with more questions than answers after a season in which the team miraculously returned to the playoffs. General Manager Rick Speilman in his first full year as the top personnel man for the franchise proved to be very successful infusing talent through the 2012 draft. He was less successful with his free agents additions, most notably Jerome Simpson and John Carlson made very little impact on a offense that struggled mightily in the passing game. For a team that just returned to the playoffs the vibe should be one of a lot more positivity but the fans are very suspicious about how the Vikings will address significant needs and unresolved issues this offseason. The elephant in the room is dynamic playmaker Percy Harvin\\\\'s behavior and attitude in the wake of a season ending ankle injury. Rumors and gossip would have Harvin already in a different jersey, but GM Speilman and Head Coach Leslie Frazier have only explained how important Harvin is to the Vikings and how talented a player he is. Sure sounds to me like posturing towards trade. GM Speilman proved savvy last year trading down from the #3 pick acquiring extra picks and getting the player the Vikings were thought to be after all along in Left Tackle Matt Khalil. Viking fans have to hope he is able to leverage the Harvin situation with the same skill and acumen should it be decided internally that Harvin will be moved for assets. Below I have listed the Vikings top 5 needs as I see them and possible players to fill those needs.

Black Mamba, Vino, or whatever you want to call him Kobe Bryant is the truth and there is no other way to put it. 

Chargers G.M Tom Telesco announed the move this morning that the San Diego Chargers have cut the 15 Year Veteran.

IBN has learned that the Boston Bruins are placing Chris Bourque on waivers.

Since free agency is only five days away, let's take a look at the current New York Jet's roster. It seems that general manager John Idzik will have his hands full trying to rebuild this team. Unless a miracle occurs, expect the team to produce it's second losing season in a row, under head coach Rex Ryan. Will Idzik be aggressive in free agency or will he be conservative? With just around eight million under the cap(as of today), Idzik may have to nickle and dime his way to filling this roster. In part one of the two part series, we will examine the offense.