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Day 2 is in the books without any major upsets.

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Cinderella showed up in the very first set of games this year

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Mock 1.0<span georgia,="" \\\\\\\\'times="" new="" roman\\\\\\\\',="" \\\\\\\\'bitstream="" charter\\\\\\\\',="" times,="" serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;\\\\\\\\"="" style="line-height: 1.6em;">) some things have changed. Lets get it kicked off;

The big free agent names have all signed somewhere. With that taken care of, the draft can be predicted a little differently. Here is 2.0. Love it or hate it let me know on twitter

The March Madness is upon us ! Wanna check out Incarcerated Bob's bracket ? Look no further !

It's finally here, March Madness is here and I can't wait! The bracket is loaded with talent and intriguing squads. The undefeated Wildcats come in as the #1 overall team, no big shock there. They are without a doubt the odd on favorites to win it all, but we want to talk about some sleeper teams. Below will show a sleeper that can make some noise in this year's tournament from each region;

<span style="\\\\&quot;color:" rgb(45,="" 45,="" 45);="" font-family:="" opensans,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;="" -webkit-tap-highlight-color:="" rgba(0,="" 0,="" 0);\\\\"="">The East is undergoing a changing of the guard, with Washington establishing itself as the dominate team in the division. For basically 2 decades the Braves or Phillies have won the division, with only a few exceptions. That isn't the case now, with the potential juggernaut Nationals at the top, and the young upstart Mets and Marlins behind them. The former top dogs are in full rebuild mode in Philly and Atlanta. I'll be honest, as a Mets fan nothing will make me happier than seeing the Phillies and Braves battling for last place all season. Here's how I see this division standings for 2015:

Well, the first couple of hours of the start of the new NFL season were, interesting to say the least.  We've seen players get some nice new contracts, video game type trades, and some big names still waiting to see what colors they will be promoting come August.
As far as the New York Giants are concerned, they have picked up 5 new role players to their rosters.  Some known names, some not so known.  So after the first couple hours, here is how I would grade their moves;


Projecting the field of 64 can be difficult. A lot will depend on what happens in the conference tournaments

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Fantasy sports is nothing more than just a guess right?  Hopefully your first round pick doesn't get injured on opening day. Here's who I think will be top 5 at their positions at the end of the season.

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The draft is coming up, everyone seems to have a mock is mine

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The 2014 season saw the Cardinals win 94 games, and win the division by 6 games.  The Pirates made the playoffs as a wild card team, but lost the one game playoff to the eventual World Series Champs.  The Brewers were the only other team to finish above .500 in the Central, as the Reds and Cubs sloshed their way to poor seasons.  This year, I think the 2-5 spots in this division can finish in any order.  The Cubies added Jon Lester, Dexter Fowler, and Miguel Montero, not to mention the surplus of power hitting prospects ready to step up.  Milwaukee basically kept the same team intact, and with a few surprises could build on their 82-80 finish from 2014.  Cincinnati made some questionable trades, but healthy and productive seasons from Joey Votto and Jay Bruce could really boost the Reds.  Let's walk the plank and jump into the predictions:
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Hey baseball fans, the calendar tells me its March, so that must mean spring is in the air! Could have fooled me, because Indiana is could as shit right now, but Arizona and Florida look good as ever.  Spring games have just gotten underway, so its time for us to kick off our divisional previews. The NL West is first, and that division might have had more turnover than any other in the league this winter. Lets jump in with my 2015 projected standings:

After the combine and after some franchise tags is where I like to kick off some mock drafts. The combine has come and gone and there were some risers and and guys who are falling. If you didn't read the risers of the combine take a look before reading this.  For the most part though many first round guys did what was expected at the combine. Enough of he chit-chat and let's get mocking!

Yup. The combine is history and now, you might have a slightly better vision regarding most of this year’s prospects. So why not do a mock draft after all, huh? Let’s stick to the first round for now, as there’s a lot of things to cover and a lot of teams with plenty of needs, including teams willing to trade-up to snatch some high profile prospects.

And after a long layoff, IBN Sports Wrap is coming back with UFC previews and boy we are starting with a good one (but sadly not as great as it should have been) ! UFC 184, headlined by a HUGE fight for the women’s bantamweight division between champion and pound for pound queen Ronda Rousey and undefeated contender Cat Zigano is going down this Saturday. And here’s the preview.

After an already tough season regarding player violence off the field, one of the superstars in football might be the next in line and this time, it could get really ugly.

There is still a day left of the combine with the defensive backs going, but there has been a lot of risers already. Most of the big names did what was expected. Then there were guys that made themselves some big money. Out of the 3 groups to already go, these guys came to play;
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Yesterday was as crazy as a trade deadline can get. We had a podcast to recap the madness that went on, but we had technical problems uploading it, so we apologize for that. Yesterday's trade deadline was actually quiet for a while, until about 2 hours or so left. The clock was ticking down and then the crazy started happening. There had to be about four trades to happen within minutes of each other. The NBA world was put on fire and twitter erupted. There were some bigger trades that went down that we can focus on more than the others.