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The Seahawks are better than ever

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Kick the tires and light the fires

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Another NFL season is starting and the annual IBN Fantasy Football Leagues are ready.

Get all the info you need and start securing spots as drafts are approaching rapidly.

Any questions just hit me up on Twitter or email. (Dates of Drafts Can Be Adjusted)

Early fantasy rankings. Injuries, camp battles and emerging stars will change this list over the next month. Some leagues are already drafting(WHY SO EARLY)... so here ya go

if you want to try and beat me hit me up on twitter. I'll have at least 1 league for followers this year

This season there has been an unheard of amount of top prospects getting the call from their major league teams. It seems the guys calling the shots in the front offices said "Fugg it", and gave the kids a chance. Earlier in the season it looked as if the top rookie honor was a two-horse race between Kris Bryant and Joc Pederson. However, both have cooled off big time, and that has allowed a few other players to creep back into the race. So what I'm going to do is give you my totally scientific and professionally calculated odds for each ROY candidate in the National League.

The state of Missouri is hoping to host the whole World Series

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The state of Missouri is on top of the baseball world

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Second half has begun...make your run now so you can care about both fantasy baseball and football into September

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The beef between Drake and Meek Mill has taken another step. Where will it stop ?

The fantasy baseball season is coming closer and closer to the playoffs. It's time to make your push and that push might just come from some of the young guys. This year has been the year of the call-up with so many top guys getting the call. Many of those call-ups have helped their clubs and yours. It's time to make a move and maybe one of these youngsters could give you the boost to get in and make a run at the title.

Power Rankings and things to look for in the second half

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The Cards have risen to the top

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It's almost the half way point

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A new possible scandal in an already suspect league?

Does the NBA have another shady Tim Donaghy type lurking?

The Cardinals are the best team in baseball...and it isn't even close

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Lets get this UFA season started with rumors and predictions on some of the top players in this years free agency class...

Locked and's almost halfway done

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Tonight is going to be fun

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