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After seeing the New York Giants fall to the Indianapolis Colts in a glorified dumpster fire to drop them to 3-5 on the season, I saw a fork in the road for the rest of their season.

  In what seemed like a must win for the Giants coming off a bye week, they found themselves down 40-10 in the 4th quarter to seal their fate for the night.  Luckily for Big Blue and their fans, the Eagles look like they’re going to be without Nick Foles for the rest of the season with a broken collarbone and are now in the hands of Mark Sanchez.  The Cowboys have lost 2 in a row now and are starting to return to their 8-8 selves.  As for Washington, well, let's just say this is just another year of their only relevance is their name controversy.  So back to that fork in the road I mentioned earlier;

Another controversy that has Jameis Winston's name all over it...