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Watch for trade deadline moves this week

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Here are the horses I like in each race at Monmouth Sunday 7/27. Use them in however you like.

Fantasy football is coming up fast. There are sleepers and busts every year, this year will be no different.

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Gear up for fantasy football with this years projected top players at each position. I take a look at the top 5 and who just barely missed out.

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The A's remain on top. The Giants take huge steps forward and the Reds take huge steps back

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Time to gear up for a playoff push!

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As the second half of the MLB season gets underway, I take a look at the some first half Studs and Duds

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Football season is quickly approaching. I take a very early look at how the AFC could play out.

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As the second half of the season starts, the A's are by far the best team in all of baseball. Injuries have taken their toll of some major players this year. Which teams will overcome adversity and make a second half push?

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The college football season is about to kickoff (5 weeks) so lets look at some win totals and get back into betting mode..

Hero or Coward? You’ll be the judge. But regardless of your take on LeBron James and his future, IBN takes you step by step what really went down.

Oakland is the best team in baseball. There is little debate.

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In most leagues, this is a 2 week fantasy week. The MLB All-Star game is plopped right in the middle. Your pitchers are all going to have at least two starts. 

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As free agency keeps us all in suspense, watching Vegas odds move daily is another way to help forecast what your team may or may not be doing.

A loophole in the rule book has allowed MLB teams to protect certain prospects from being suspended for recreational drug use. That same rule is also being abused by prospects trying to get on a 40-man roster

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The A's regain the top spot. Milwaukee is right behind them. The Dodgers have finally caught the Giants. Will Colorado's fall ever end?


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The time has come to drop your underperforming stars. They have taken up a roster spot for too long! Many no name guys are just as good on your team. Each owner is unique in their approach to fantasy baseball. I provide you with all the information you may need to win; not matter what approach you take.

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This year’s draft will be especially interesting due to the fact that in the weeks leading up to it there have been many high quality players rumored to be traded such as Jason Spezza and Ryan Kesler (Traded to Anaheim). If you add that to the fact that it is widely considered a weaker draft, you have a very tough draft to predict outside of the consensus top five, which seem to be a lock at this point, but you never know. This will no doubt be an interesting draft with tons of movement, so check out my mock draft and explanations below!

The NBA Draft is tonight. Many teams have been wheeling and dealing all day trying to make trades and pick up extra picks. This is how I see it going as it stands right now. I anticipate many trades and that will affect the outcome and who will be drafted where. If there are no trades of picks at all tonight, this is how I see the draft playing out

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