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A dominant downhill skier, Vonn has been trying to recover from a knee injury. "But the reality has sunk in that my knee is just too unstable to compete at this level," she announced Tuesday.
A wild final 4 1/2 minutes was capped by Florida State's winning touchdown that came with just 13 seconds left in the game. So the much-debated Bowl Championship Series system ends with a great game.
As he moves from Louisville to Austin, Strong becomes the first black coach of a men's team at Texas. For some, his hiring brings to mind how things have changed at a school that, during the 1960s, fielded teams made up of only white players.
If pregame predictions come true, Monday night's game between Auburn and Florida State could be a high-scoring affair. There are other compelling story lines, as well: Will Auburn pull off another miracle finish? Will Florida State's Jameis Winston add a championship to his trophy collection?

Watch the replay as Andrew Luck scoops up a fumble and stretches across the goal line. During a weekend of four close games in which three weren't settled until the last minute, was that the highlight of highlights?

With only two slots on the U.S. men's Olympic figure skating team, the competition is tough. But three-time U.S. champion Jeremy Abbott — who has yet to deliver on the world stage — wants 2014 to be the year he takes a medal.
Elwyn McRoy has been trying to land a job coaching Division I college basketball for more than a decade. He's skipped meals, slept in cars, and lived thousands of miles from his wife and kids for months at a time to achieve that goal. McRoy talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about his new, one-year coaching contract, and why he's still in the game.
Alice McKennis has a metal plate and 11 screws in her leg after breaking it in 30 places in March. She's had other injuries before that, but says that gives her an edge over the competition. "To make the Olympics is extremely hard," she says, "so it takes a certain kind of toughness."

NFL playoff time has arrived. Last year Incarcerated Bob shook up the gambling world when he picked the Ravens to win it all before the Playoffs started. This year, the man himself is predicting the much anticipated NFL playoffs once again!

President Obama sent a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin last month when he chose the U.S. delegation to attend the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Absent from the list were any high-ranking U.S. officials. But on the list were gay athletes.
The race car legend fell while skiing in France on Sunday. A blow to his head caused extensive bleeding in his brain. Doctors induced a coma and have operated twice. They aren't talking publicly about his chances for recovery.

The NFL this year has just been bizarre. With games ending on the final possession and all of the playoff scenarios we saw in week 17 anything can happen in the playoffs. I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the teams made it to the Super Bowl. You usually see the team that’s hot make it to the Super Bowl. The years the Giants won they weren’t better than the Patriots they were just the hot team and played better. This year the Chargers beat the Manning led Broncos. But in week 17 the chargers just barely beat a Chiefs team who started mostly backups. The #1 seed Seahawks lost at home to the 10-6 Cardinals. Anything can happen with all of these teams. 

As 12 college football teams prepare for New Year's Day bowl games, commentator Frank Deford ponders the similarities between football players and ancient Roman gladiators.
New Year's Day has become its own holiday of sorts for some hockey fans. The Detroit Red Wings play the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Wednesday in front of more than 100,000 people. The game time weather forecast: about 18 degrees, with an 80 percent chance of snow.
The quarterback won fans across the nation a few years back, but hasn't been able to build a solid NFL career. He'll be a college football analyst on TV. Does that sound like the right move for him?