Belmont Stakes Preview
posted Jun 05 2014, 09:53PM
story by Pat Infante
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Preview and betting guide for Belmont day.

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Betting Belmont…


Well betting the Belmont under these circumstances is very difficult. Sure California Chrome is the best horse, there really is no debating that. However something always goes wrong at Belmont when there is a Triple Crown on the line…. Let me say that again, SOMETHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG AT BELMONT. Here are a just few examples:


2012 - I’ll Have Another was scratched before the race and retired from racing due to a leg injury suffered the day before the Belmont.


2008 - Big Brown was pulled up at the top of the stretch.


2004 - Smarty Jones was clipped at the finish line by long shot Birdstone (father of 2009 Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird) in one of the most thrilling finishes in recent history.


2003 - Funny Cide could not handle the distance and faded down the stretch.


2002 - War Emblem also was unable to handle the distance.


1999 - Charismatic fractured his leg at the end of the Belmont and finished 3rd. His jockey jumped off the horse and held the horses leg up in one of the most iconic images of the sport.


1998 - Jockey Kent Desormeaux made his move too soon on Real Quiet and was clipped by a nose at the wire.


Now, I hope he does win the Triple Crown, and will be rooting for him as hard as I can but from a betting standpoint you can not bet this race like you bet the first 2 legs of the Triple Crown. You must look at Belmont day and look at the entire card, which is as good as you can ask for. As far as betting the mile and a half Belmont Stakes itself I will just use a few horses on the back end of Pick 3, Pick 4, and Daily Double bets. Im going to use California Chrome but im just gonna almost throw a dart at the program and pick a few longer shots as well. If you look at some past Triple Crown spoilers, you could of done all your homework and never came up with horses like D’Tara 38-1, Birdstone 36-1, and Sarava 70-1. 9 of the last 15 Belmont winner all went off of odds higher than 10-1, and a 5 of those 15 were over 15-1. Truth is, its very hard to handicap a race where none of these horses have ever run this far before, will never run this far again, nor were bred for this distance. The stretch at Belmont is loooooooong and has killed the dreams of many Triple Crown hopefuls before.


For me the Belmont Stakes itself with a Triple Crown on the line is less of a betting opportunity and more a spectacle. Its something to sit back and watch as a sports fan and root for the Triple Crown. 12 men have walked on the moon, only 11 horses have won the Triple Crown. Someday, some horse is going to break the streak of 36 years. Why not California Chrome? The peoples horse. Owned by working class people like me and you, just living a dream. It would be one of the all time great rags to riches stories in the history of sports and I cant wait to watch it unfold. Go get it Chrome!!!

INCARCERATED BOB'S (Belmont Stakes 4 picks / Use them how you want)

#2 Horse: California Chrome (3-5 Odds)

#1 Horse: Medal Count (20-1 Odds)

#9 Horse: Wicked Strong (7-1 Odds) 

#7 Horse: Samraat (20-1 Odds) *Sleeper Alert*

Race 1

Exacta Box 2-6-8 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet

$1 Daily Double 2-6-8 w/ 4-5-6-7 this bet will cost you $12


Race 2

Exacta 4 w/ 5-6-7 = bet cost $3 per every $1 bet

Exacta 5-6-7 w/ 4 = bet cost $3 per every $1 bet


Race 3

Exacta Box 3-4-5 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet


Race 4

Exacta Box 3-8-10 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet


Race 5

Tri Box 5-8-11 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet

Exacta Box 5-8-11 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet

$1 Pick 3   5-6-8-11 w/ 3-7-8 w/ 1-5-6 = this bet will cost you $36


Race 6

Tri Box 3-7-8 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet

$1 Daily Double 8 w/ all = this bet will cost you $6


Race 7

Tri Box 1-5-6 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet


Race 8

Exacta Box 4-5-9 = bet cost $6 per every $1 bet

.50 Pick 4    4-5-9 w/ 1-4-6 w/ 1-2-6 w/ 2-8 = this bet will cost you $27


Race 9

Exacta 1 w/ 4-6 = bet cost $2 per every $1 - id bet this $5 costing $10

Exacta 4-6-9 w/ 1 = bet cost $3 per every $1

$1 Pick 3     1 w/ 1-2-6-8-9 w/ 2-5-7 = this bet will cost you $15


Race 10

2 Win

$1 Daily Double 3-7-9-10 w/ 2 = this bet will cost you $4

$4 Daily Double 4-5-8 w/ 2 = this bet will cost you $12

$5 Daily Double 2-5-6 w/ 2 = this bet will cost you $15


Race 11

At this point at a minimum you will have your daily double ticket in hand since we just covered the whole field in the previous race. Hopefully you're still alive in the pick 3 and pick 4. Dont try to make money on this race hopefully your day is made. Sit back and hope you are about to see history. Its been 36 years. We are due… I knew he had a shot early in the derby prep season, not giving up on him now. Bring it home Chome...




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