The Top Three Fantasy Quarterbacks
posted Aug 14 2015, 07:35AM
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NFL season is ahead. And so is Fantasy Football ...

There are a lot of talented quarterbacks in the NFL, and people in fantasy football will be looking to add someone who can be dependable nearly every single week. In order to have success, a quarterback needs to be talented and also have plenty of talent surrounding him. Here is a look at the current top 3 quarterbacks in the NFL, at least for those playing in weekly fantasy sports leagues.

Aaron Rodgers

Right now, Aaron Rodgers seems like the safest pick out of all the quarterbacks. He plays for the Green Bay Packers, and they are currently stacked on offense. He has two very good receivers to throw the ball to, as Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb will go very high in weekly fantasy sports leagues. He also has one of the best running backs in the game, as Eddie Lacy will be able to help balance out the offense and catch a few passes out of the backfield. Rodgers is in his prime, and he has a Super Bowl on his mind. He should be the first quarterback off the board.

Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts expect big things out of their rising superstar in 2015. He has been extremely solid in his first three seasons, and now it is time for him to turn the corner with even more positive additions to the franchise. Adding veterans Andre Johnson at wide receiver and Frank Gore at running back will make this offense even more potent. Luck isn’t ready to pass Rodgers, but he’s on his way at this rate.

Russell Wilson

This is where rankings in weekly fantasy sports leagues might differ compared to other lists. Most experts would not put Wilson as the third-best quarterback in the NFL right now, but he is in a perfect situation with the Seattle Seahawks. He recently signed a brand-new contract, so now he can focus on trying to get to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. Wilson also has a brand-new target to throw balls to, as Jimmy Graham will most likely improve his efficiency quite a bit. There are a few options at number 3, but Wilson seems like a good choice in fantasy.


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