Donald Trump about to bailout Rap star from jail?
posted Aug 30 2015, 01:42PM
posted in Entertainement, Rumors

In the midst of his presidential run, Donald Trump wants to keep his name ringing out ... and he wants to make a splash.

Everyone knows Donald Trump. Everyone knows the real estate mogul loves to make headlines on a daily basis, and while he has his sights set on being the next president of the United States, Trump hasn't forgot that stirring the pot keeps the nation talking.

So, what does Trump seriously have in mind ? Rumors are starting to trickle out that he's "Open" to possibly bailing rapper Bobby Shmurda out of jail.

Sources close to the situation and Trump's campaign team have started to leak rumors that the former host of celebrity apprentice is actually thinking about springing the 21-year old rapper out of jail. 

Trump had three of his lawyers look into Shmurda's (Ackquille Jean Pollard) bail conditions over the weekend, and will meet with his presidential campaign team over the next few days. 

Just the hint of Trump pondering such an off the radar move would indeed make headlines all over the country. One thing is sure : there's a very good chance that Trump (who's not exactly new to the spotlight) is actually trolling to keep his name in everyone's mind and in the newspapers.

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