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posted Aug 27 2016, 09:28AM
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Hello everyone. This is TheHockeyPress on IBN. Here are the NHL Trade Rumors - Roundup 3/07/16 Special. With Rumors from everyone in the NHL/Hockey World including us. More to come. Stay tuned. Share with all your friends! 


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NHL Trade Rumors On the: Friedman; Trouba Buzz, Gaudreau [Term/AAV], Rakell/Lindholm, More...

• Elliotte Friedman [Radio]: Live Interview w/NHL NT. Here is what he had to say on a few topics.

Jacob Trouba: Us fans are going to have to play the waiting game as we have been. It could short term, long term, or maybe Trouba gets traded by the Winnipeg Jets, we don't know.

Rakell/Lindholm: The Anaheim Ducks aren't exactly close to signing this guy. Things have been strange with Fredrik Anderson leaving, and all the Cam Fowler rumors. So we'll have to see how things play out. 

I believe Richard Rakell should be signed by now. Don't know why things are being held up.

Johnny Gaudreau: With the Calgary Flames signing Sean Monahan, Guadreau should have a contract in place soon, IF the Flames give him what he wants. At this point it's reported Johnny wants a higher AAV than Sean if CGY wants him signed long term.

Nikita Kucherov: The Tampa Bay Lightning want this players signed long term but with cap being an issue it will be difficult to give him the salary he wants. Stamkos & Hedman took a pay cut, will Kucherov do the same? 

At this point not much news is coming out from either sides.


NHL Trade Rumors On the: Trouba/Jets Buzz [Trade Request], Bruins, Maple Leafs...


• Bill Watters on TSN Radio: When asked on the Trouba situation, Watters a Former NHL Executive responded by saying "[Jacob] Trouba wants out of Winnipeg [Jets]". He went to say, the Trouba camp could force the Jets to trade him. His asking price is set at a steep price. 


Watters says Trouba may not like the way WPG is using him at the moment. The Jets of tons of Righty's and that could force Trouba to play on the 2nd/3rd pairing or maybe even switch to the left side. All of this, combined w/the Jets not willing to give Trouba his asking price, is the reason why Jacob may want out of WPG.


THP: If a trade is requested by Trouba, TONS of team will be interested, including the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs.


NHL Trade Rumors On the: Nichushkin Contract, Las Vegas "Desert Knights"...

 Dallas Stars.com: Despite the Trade Rumors on Valeri Nichushkin after the signing of Jiri Hudler by the Dallas Stars. GM Jim Nill has said they are working towards signing a Long Term deal w/Nichushkin camp. They want him/everyone signed before the start of the season. They expect great things from Valeri. 


• Las Vegas [RJ Sports]: There has been some indication the NEW Las Vegas Expansion Team Name could be names "Desert Knights". It was rumored to be name the Knights, but they ran into some Legal issues w/London Knights of the OHL.


1. A few Desert Knights domains was registered by the same people that have NHL.com registered.

2. Bill Foley said a few weeks ago they were registering a few website domains for all the possible team names.


NHL Trade Rumors On the: Rangers & Islanders...

• THP: A LOT of talk the New York Rangers will make a move for a defenseman this summer. Some media reporters say "they're done, maybe just a few minor moves here and there", while some say "these signings [Pirri/Vesey] is an indication that NYR could be planning to move Rick Nash. At this point it's a mystery of the Rangers will make a move or not. But if they were to move Nash, the Sabres, Bruins, Ducks, Devils, Blues, Habs, & others would ALL be interested. 


Islanders could also be up to something. They're trying to get Ryan Strome signed, and possibly trade Jaroslav Halak.


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