Fantasy Football: Week 11
posted Nov 18 2016, 07:48PM
story by Chris Kapel
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Who is going to carry you to the 'ship?

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This is the time of year when you MUST look at playoff matchups. If you’re a bubble team, you’ve got to look at each week. If you’re playoff bound, it’s time to look ahead. For instance, Buffalo’s DST has great playoff matchups. Can you afford to stash them on your bench? Do you really need that second QB? Personally, I prefer one QB on my team post bye week and taking the gamble that he won’t get hurt, knowing that worst case I could stream a QB to get by most weeks.

Every week this season I have streamed a DST. It has worked 8/10 times. This week I am going to stream the Dolphins. Miami plays at the Rams in Jared Goff’s pro debut. L.A. hasn't had anything going on offense all year. Maybe this is the day they get something going, but I don't think so. Teams have found a way to stop Gurley and Keenum didn’t find a way to beat teams. Maybe Goff will, but I’m betting against him this week. Miami ranks 14th in points against and has 12 takeaways so far this season. I think they stop L.A. this week.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote about a draft strategy phenomenon that was being widely utilized by fantasy owners this season called #NORB, or Zero RB. The premise of this strategy is to not draft a RB before the 7th round, with the underlying assumption that RBs, in general, are more interchangeable than players at other positions. With maybe the exception of Blount and Jordan Howard, I believe that this strategy has failed this year. The RBs drafted in the top two rounds have all, save AP, proven to be worthy of being high picks. I can hear the complaints now… “But what about C.J. Anderson, Eddie Lacy and Todd Gurley?” Well, that's a valid a point, but I would still prefer owning Le'veon, Zeke or D.J. on my squad than 7th rounder Rashad Jennings or Chris Ivory in my starting lineup. For some owners, drafting RBs late has worked out. Maybe you drafted Blount, Theo Riddick and Melvin Gordon late. But it's my opinion that those cases are exceptions, not the rule. In my experience, the most sound and consistent draft strategy year in and year out is to take the player with the most value and/or upside with each pick, regardless of position. RBs aren’t a dime a dozen this season, and an owner can very easily handicap their teams by blindly adhering to a concrete draft strategy and refusing to be flexible. Remember, you can't win a championship during a fantasy draft, but you sure can lose one.

If you’re not in the playoffs and do not have a reverse order draft, you may ask yourself what’s left to play for? My answer would be: Integrity? Pride? If you quit in a league where I'm a commissioner, I’m kicking you out. You have already won/lost games, and your team still has an impact on other teams, even if you decide to give up. I would be livid if a team got into the playoffs over me because of a win they got over a team that gave up. Play the spoiler, ignore your record and try to win every week.

I can’t repeat this enough: KNOW YOUR LEAGUE RULES! I am in three leagues and all three have different rules. You need to know who can make moves during the playoffs? Are teams destined for the consolation bracket still able to make moves? How’s your FAAB stash looking? How many teams make the playoffs? Is there a first round bye? What’s the payout structure in a money league? I hope long ago you knew all of this, but if not, please look them up. If you don’t understand something, contact the commish and ask. Your league manager is there to answer your questions. After all, it’s their league that you're playing in.

Fantasy football, and real football, is just a game, and it's supposed to be fun. If you saw that internet clip of the Steelers fan last week smashing his TV (may have been staged, may be real), my advice to everyone is don’t be that guy. If it ever comes to a point that I destroy my TV in front of my kids with a baseball bat, then it’s past time for my wife to burn all of my Broncos stuff and for me to reevaluate my life. I really hope that was staged. Readers: please remember this is a game, I am just here giving you my opinion. Read it or don’t. Think I’m great or an idiot, that’s all OK. This is just a game that we try to win. We try and give the best advice based on a number of factors and tell you who we think will have good weeks. At the end of the day, you ultimately make your final roster decisions. If you like my articles or find them helpful, thank you for reading. If you don’t, thank you for reading as well. I get my share of nasty messages and plenty of really nice messages as well on Twitter. Keep them coming! Engage! Have fun!

Onto the rankings….


1. Andrew Luck

2. Tom Brady

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Ben Roethlisberger

5. Russell Wilson

6. Marcus Mariota

7. Matthew Stafford

8. Kirk Cousins

9. Derek Carr

10. Dak Prescott

11. Tyrod Taylor

12. Blake Bortles

13. Jameis Winston

14. Eli Manning

15. Colin Kaepernick

16. Andy Dalton

17. Carson Palmer

18. Joe Flacco

19. Cody Kessler

20. Alex Smith


1. LeVeon Bell

2. DeMarco Murray

3. Ezekiel Elliott

4. David Johnson

5. LeSean McCoy

6. Legarrette Blount

7. Spencer Ware

8. Jay Ajayi

9. Frank Gore

10. Theo Riddick

11. Lamar Miller

12. Latavius Murray

13. Robert Kelley

14. Jordan Howard

15. Doug Martin

16. Todd Gurley

17. Isaiah Crowell

18. Carlos Hyde

19. C.J. Prosise

20. Ryan Matthews

21. Jeremy Hill

22. Gio Bernard

23. James Starks

24. Rashad Jennings

25. Terrance West

26. James White

27. Thomas Rawls

28. T.J. Yeldon

29. Darren Sproles

30. Duke Johnson

31. Chris Ivory

32. Paul Perkins

33. DuJuan Harris

34. Jerick McKinnon

35. Kenneth Dixon

36. Peyton Barber

37. Charcandrick West

38. Matt Asiata

39. Derek Henry

40. Dion Lewis


1. Odell Beckham Jr.

2. Mike Evans

3. A.J. Green

4. T.Y Hilton

5. Antonio Brown

6. Jordy Nelson

7. Allen Robinson

8. Amari Cooper

9. Larry Fitzgerald

10. Dez Bryant

11. Julian Edelman

12. DeAndre Hopkins

13. Terrelle Pryor

14. Stefon Diggs

15. Doug Baldwin

16. Michael Crabtree

17. Davante Adams

18. Donte Moncrief

19. Jamison Crowder

20. Golden Tate

21. Steve Smith Sr.

22. Randall Cobb

23. Marvin Jones

24. Jordan Matthews

25. Jarvis Landry

26. Cameron Meredith

27. Rishard Matthews

28. Sterling Shepard

29. Robert Woods

30. Kenny Britt

31. Cole Beasley

32. Eli Rodgers

33. Mike Wallace

34. DeSean Jackson

35. Corey Coleman

36. Tyreek Hill

37. Devante Parker

38. Michael Floyd

39. J.J. Nelson

40. Will Fuller


1. Delanie Walker

2. Jordan Reed

3. Martellus Bennett

4. Tyler Eifert

5. Travis Kelce

6. Jimmy Graham

7. Eric Ebron

8. C.J. Fiedorowicz

9. Kyle Rudolph

10. Zach Miller

11. Dennis Pitta

12. Jason Witten

13. Zach Ertz

14. Vernon Davis

15. Ladarius Green


1. Arizona Cardinals

2. Seattle Seahawks

3. Miami Dolphins

4. Minnesota Vikings

5. Kansas City Chiefs

6. New York Giants

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

8. Los Angeles Rams

9. New England Patriots

10. Philadelphia Eagles

11. Buffalo Bills

12. Dallas Cowboys

13. Detroit Lions

14. Oakland Raiders

15. Cincinnati Bengals


1. Dan Bailey

2. Stephen Gostkowski

3. Matt Prater

4. Adam Vinatieri

5. Justin Tucker

6. Cairo Santos

7. Caleb Sturgis

8. Dustin Hopkins

9. Mason Crosby

10. Sebastian Janikowski

11. Steven Hauschka

12. Mike Nugent

13. Nick Novak

14. Robbie Gould

15. Chandler Catanzaro

Best matchups

QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota

RB: Le'veon Bell, Legarrette Blount, Spencer Ware

WR: Antonio brown, T.Y. Hilton, Allen Robinson

Good Matchups:

QB: Tyrod Taylor, Matthew Stafford, Blake Bortles

RB: Theo Riddick, Frank Gore, Demarco Murray

WR: Stefon Diggs, Terrelle Pryor, Davante Adams

Bad Matchups:

QB: Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston

RB: Green Bay RB’s, Jeremy Hill, Cleveland RB’s

WR: Jarvis landry, Mike Evans(still a top 5 guy), Philly WR’s

Perfect Line up???

QB: Andrew Luck

RB: David Johnson

RB: Legarrette Blount

WR: Antonio Brown

WR: A.J. Green

WR: Odell Beckham Jr.

TE: Jordan Reed

DST: Seattle

K:  Gostkowski



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