Fantasy Baseball Position Rankings
posted Mar 24 2017, 09:49PM
story by Chris Kapel
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Who will remain at the top??

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It’s a long season, 162 games to be exact. There are many factors that can change how many games a player actually plays, but usually they play in the 150 game range for the top guys who are healthy. Days of Cal Ripken Jr. type streaks are over. The current longest games played (active) streak is I don’t know and it took too long on google to figure it out. Stars like to rest on Sundays. That being said, here is my list of top players at each position that will get you consistent results for the whole season. Many players will start off slow and pick up, or become a bust. Many players will start off red hot and fizzle, or continue to roll. I’m sure someone that isn’t on this list will be a top 10 and someone on this list won’t be on it when the season is over. For now… are my thoughts. These lists will come in two different articles as space doesn’t allow all for one.  Good luck…. As always these are my opinions, you can have your own. Feel free to draft anyone you want….it’s your team. You are running it now, not me. Remember that many players have eligibility at more than one position!!!!!


1. Paul Goldschmidt

2. Anthony Rizzo

3. Miguel Cabrera

4. Joey Votto

5. Edwin Encarnacion

6. Freddie Freeman

7. Jose Abreu

8. Daniel Murphy

9. Wil Myers

10. Chris Davis

11. Carlos Santana

12. Hanley Ramirez

13. Matt Carpenter

14. Eric Hosmer

15. Adrian Gonzalez


1. Jose Altuve

2. Daniel Murphy

3. Trea Turner

4. Robinson Cano

5. Rougned Odor

6. Brian Dozier

7. Dee Gordon

8. Ian Kinsler

9. Dustin Pedroia

10. D.J. LeMahieu

11. Jean Segura

12. Ben Zobrist

13. Starlin Castro

14. Brandon Phillips

15. Josh Harrison


1. Nolan Arenado

2. Kris Bryant

3. Josh Donaldson

4. Manny Machado

5. Kyle Seager

6. Jonathan Villar

7. Adrian Beltre

8. Todd Frazier

9. Evan Longoria

10. Anthony Rendon

11. Alex Bergman

12. Maikel Franco

13. Miguel Sano

14. Jake Lamb

15. Eugenio Suarez


1. Manny Machado

2. Carlos Correa

3. Francisco Lindor

4. Corey Seager

5. Jonathan Villar

6. Xander Bogaerts

7. Trevor Story

8. Addison Russell

9. Jean Segura

10. Elvis Andrus

11. Troy Tulowitzki

12. Aledmys Diaz

13. Brad Miller

14. Brandon Crawford

15. Dansby Swanson


1. Mike Trout

2. Mookie Betts

3. Kris Bryant

4. Bryce Harper

5. Starling Marte

6. Charlie Blackmon

7. Trae Turner

8. Ryan Braun

9. George Springer

10. Giancarlo Stanton

11. Christian Yelich

12. Carlos Gonzalez

13. Yoenis Cespedes

14. Gregory Polanco

15. A.J. Pollock

16. Andrew McCutchen

17. Billy Hamilton

18. J.D. Martinez

19. Jose Bautista

20. Adam Jones

21. Nelson Cruz

22. Justin Upton

23. Stephen Piscotty

24. Kyle Schwarber

25. Khris Davis

26. Mark Trumbo

27. Matt Kemp

28. Adam Eaton

29. Adam Duvall

30. Michael Brantley

31. Jose Ramirez

32. Jackie Bradley Jr.

33. Marcell Ozuna

34. Andrea Benintendi

35. Odubel Herrera

36. Carlos Gomez

37. Miguel Sani

38. Jay Bruce

39. Dexter Fowler

40. Wilson Contreras

41. Randal Grichuk

42. Kole Calhoun

43. Lorenzo Cain

44. Joc Pederson

45. Ian Desmond

46. Melky Cabrera

47. Rajai Davis

48. Jose Peraza

49. Brett Gardner

50. Byron Buxton

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