Baseball rankings and Fantasy update
posted May 10 2017, 09:13PM
story by Chris Kapel
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We're heading for a Nationals/Yankees World Series

Baseball Updates-Power Rankings and Fantasy news

Power Rankings 5/9

1. Washington Nationals

2. New York Yankees

3. Houston Astros

4. Baltimore Orioles

5. Chicago Cubs

6. Cleveland Indians

7. LA Dodgers

8. Colorado Rockies

9. Arizona Diamondbacks

10. Boston Red Sox

11. Stl. Cardinals

12. Detroit Tigers

13. Tampa Bay Rays

14. Minnesota Twins

15. New York Mets

16. Cincinnati Reds

17. LA Angels

18. Seattle Mariners

19. Milwaukee Brewers

20. Chicago White Sox

21. Pittsburgh Pirates

22. Texas Rangers

23. Miami Marlins

24. Philadelphia Phillies

25. San Francisco Giants

26. Oakland A’s

27. Toronto Blue Jays

28. Atlanta Braves

29. San Diego Padres

30. KC Royals

News and updates:

Ryan Zimmerman leads the world in everything except stolen bases. He has a real shot at the Triple Crown.

Clayton Kershaw is well….Clayton Kershaw and unhittable again

Who saw the Reds, Rockies, or Yankees being this good so far?(yes I realize it’s early May) or the Giants or Blue Jays being so bad?

Aaron Judge is a man… thee man and the second coming of Hercules.

Billy Hamilton changes the game with his speed. He turns singles into doubles. He can steal second and third off anyone except maybe Yadier Molina and finally is becoming the leadoff hitter the Reds have desperately needed.

Most surprising players: Aaron Judge, Eugenio Suarez, Eric Thames, Starlin Castro, Ervin Santana, Dylan Bundy, Mike Leake and Mitch Hanger

Most disappointing players so far: Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Correa, Edwin Encarnación, Carlos González, Kyle Schwarber, Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey

Fantasy guys owned in more than 50% of leagues that aren’t living up to their potential, DO NOT DROP YET

1. Chris Davis

2. Mark Trumbo

3. Brian McCann

4. Kendrys Morales

5. Ben Zobrist

6. Matt Wieters

7. Alex Bergman

8. Nomar Mazara

9. Eduardo Nunez

10. Dexter Fowler

There aren’t too many available to add/drop and waste your transactions

Sell High on:

1. Trea Turner

2. Mookie Betts

3. Daniel Murphy

4. Christian Yelich

5. Billy Hamilton

6. Wil Myers

7. Starlin Castro

8. Ervin Santana

9. Mike Leake

10. Chris Devenski

Buy low on:

1. Edwin Encarnacion

2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Carlos Correa

4. Carlos Gonzalez

5. Kyle Seager

6. Kyle Schwarber

7.Jonathan Villar

8. Justin Verlander

9. Kyle Hendricks

10. Jose Quintana

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