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posted Jun 24 2017, 10:42AM
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Hello everyone. This is TheHockeyPress on IBN. Here are the Fantasy Hockey Roundup for 24/06/17. With Buzz from everyone in the NHL/Hockey World including us. More to come. Stay tuned. Share with all your friends!


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Here are the Major NHL Trades and Fantasy Analysis for them:

1. Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome:


Edmonton Oilers trade:

• Jordan Eberle

New York Islanders for:

• Ryan Strome


This deal was done to save cap space by the Oilers, about $2M-$3M, and Eberle just wasn't working out in Edmonton. After failing to score a goal in the Playoffs it was time for a change and Ryan Strome was just that. Islanders got a potential scoring winger who has had chemistry with John Tavares in the past.

For the Edmonton Oilers they are getting a guy who is a gritty and physical force. He has a great shot and can play both C/W. His brother is also an NHL star, with the likes of Dylan Strome making his way up to the NHL soon. Ryan Strome however put up 13 goals, 17 assists in 69 games last season. While this isn't ideal, Strome is known to be a guy who can keep with the other teams top guys. If he plays with McDavid and they spark some chemistry, easily Strome can put up 60+ points. Would likely take him with my last few picks in my Fantasy Draft.

For the New York Islanders they are getting Jordan Eberle who has played with John Tavares in the 2009 WJC for Team Canada. They both led Canada past Russia in the semi-finals after Eberle scored a game tying goal with a 1:30 min left in the 3rd period. Eberle is one of the top point producers in Team Canada history totaling 20+ points in about a dozen games. Don't forget the time he was the superstar in 2010 leading them past USA with an UNREAL performance again to tie it up late. Now times have changed but Eberle still had 20 goals, and 31 assists in 82 games last season. If he sparks chemistry with the lonely Okposo missing John Tavares he could get 35+ goals. He's a very good sleeper pick. Use your 7th or 9th pick if he's available.


2. Artemi Panarin for Brandon Saad:


Chicago Blackhawks trade:

• Artemi Panarin

• Tyler Motte & 6th

Columbus Blue Jackets for:

• Brandon Saad

• Anton Forsberg & 5th


I believe this trade isn't as bad as it looks. I'll explain, Saad has about 5 more years left on his deal while Panarin has about 2 years. They both are being paid $6M per year but Panarin will have the chance to look for a raise in 2020 offseason, which could bring him anywhere near $7M-$8M. Now I don't know about you but it's very possible the Blackhawks wont be able to afford that. Now Panarin also has the ability to go back to the KHL if he's had enough of the NHL. Saad on the other hand is a no risk player who is bound to produce 40+ points at minimum during his contract.

For the Chicago Blackhawks they get a guy who they are familiar with, he's been in Chicago before and won 2 cups with them. He was a big part in helping the Blackhawks win it all. I really believe after he left Jonathan Toews was never the same. He could never really find his groove. Now that Marian Hossa is leaving due to a skin injury, Toews was likely to underperform significantly, now however he has a familiar face beside him. Patrick Kane is also very good at adapting to new players, and i'm sure he won't have trouble finding a new guy to fill Artemi Panarin's role. Saad had 24 goals, and 29 assists in 82 games last season. I'm projecting him to get around 60+ points something he was never able to achieve in his career even in Chicago.

Columbus Blue Jackets have nothing to worry about with Artemi Panarin except for the fact of the possibility of him joining a KHL team once his contract is up. However this guy is the real deal. Coming from Russia he played with Patrick Kane arguably one of the Best players in the NHL, but Arty was a star too totaling 70+ points in his 2 seasons in the National Hockey League. This guy produces like an All Star. Many people don't notice him but he always seems to find away to get open space. Panarin has insane handles and a great shot, while he could work on his defensive game I don't think people will be complaining about that anytime soon. He is projected to play with a Wennerberg on CBJ and Torts has already said he doesn't plan on changing the Breadman. For next season his totals will decrease since he's not playing with Showtime anymore but I still expect around 65 points for him give or take. Possibly take him with your 5th pick. I'd personally avoid him though.


3. Expansion Draft: Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights Drafted their team on June 21st at the NHL Awards, most of their picks were leaked however they ended up trading for a lot of picks in exchange for not taking certain guys. My honest reaction of this team is Playoff Contending. Most of these guys are write-offs but something about them tells me they are ready to prove some people wrong. They have the skill in James Neal and Jonathan Marcheassault, plus the Goaltending in Marc-Andre Fleury. It's just a matter of the supporting guys stepping up. It will have to be a team game out there for any chance at success. Look for a guy like Erik Haula or William Karlsson step up big time producing 50+ points and taking tons of faceoffs. I will say they finish just outside the Playoffs next year but wouldn't be surprised if a guy like Erik Haula performed really well next season or a guy like Trevor Van Riemsdyk who has a lot of upside in his up-tempo game. My suggestions would be have 1 Knights player with a max of 2 on your Fantasy team.


4. Stepan for DeAngelo:


New York Rangers trade:

• Derek Stepan

• Antti Raanta

Arizona Coyotes for:

• Anthony DeAngelo

• 2017 7th Overall pick


The New York Rangers have been looking for a defenseman for a while now. Here they get a Top Prospect and a Top 10 pick for a guy who plays behind Henrik Lundqvist and arguably a number one center. The Yotes needed a starting goalie after trading Mike Smith and Raanta is projected to be the next "Cam Talbot".

For the New York Rangers they get Anthony DeAngelo who is a monster offensive defenseman. He also has a little bit of a temper and plays the game hard. DeAngelo played in the NHL for a short period of time but was then sent back down after getting suspended. He is projected to be a Top 4 who plays on both ends of the ice, comparably to Keith Yandle. For fantasy he is a waiver wire pick this year.

For the Arizona Coyotes they get a fringe starter in Antti Raanta who can win them games but can also work well off of Chad Johnson. I'd pick Raanta if all other options are gone because it is the Coyotes in the end. Derek Stepan on the other hand is coming in as a number one two way center. He plays both ends of the ice. In New York he was in Derrick Brassard shadow for a while but was then given the opportunity to be the guy and he took it. Rangers needed cap room to possibly to sign another defenseman so they traded Derek Stepan plus his NMC was going to kick in soon so the time was now to move him. However this guy is a monster at 27 years old and he's just about to come out of his shell. He had 17 goals and 38 assists last season. I project anywhere near the same total this year, so be cautious of picking him for now until the Yotes get better.


5. Schenn to STL | Smith to Calgary | Hjarlamsson to ARZ


Philadelphia Flyers trade:

• Brayden Schenn

St. Louis Blues for:

• Jori Lehtera

• 27th pick 2017

• Conditional 2018 1st Rd Pick


Just a trade to save some cap space and make the Reaves deal for Blues. STL also got a perfect #1/#2 Center who will fit well in the mix with Paul Stastny. Possibly see Schenn who can put up 60+ points with Tarasenko or Steen. Lehtera is a solid two-way 3rd liner. Perfect for the Flyers style of play. Good deal for both sides not to mention the prospects the Flyers got as well.




Arizona Coyotes trade:

•Mike Smith (25% retained)

Calgary Flames for:

• Chad Johnson

• Brandon Hickey

• Cond 3rd Round Pick


Finally the Flames solved their goaltending issue. While Smith man'd the net for a while in Arizona he was never consistent. He could provide relief to the Flames net but don't see him saving it. Yotes get a solid backup in Johnson and Hickey is projected to be a average prospect. I would avoid the players in this trade for fantasy.





Chicago Blackhawks trade:

• Niklas Hjalmarsson

Arizona Coyotes for:

• Connor Murphy

• Laurent Dauphin


Again the Arizona Coyotes got an upgrade on Defense. Hjalmarsson was on of the main guys in the Blackhawks Stanley Cup runs. He will be a solid add along the likes of future captain Oliver Ekman Larsson. Blackhawks received a young right handed defenseman who plays a hard game, plus a decent prospect with Laurent Dauphin. Decent trade for both teams. Possibly take Connor Murphy with your last pick.


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