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posted Jul 03 2017, 10:43AM
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Hello everyone. This is TheHockeyPress on IBN. Here are the Fantasy Hockey Roundup for 07/03/17. With Buzz from everyone in the NHL/Hockey World including us. More to come. Stay tuned. Share with all your friends!


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Here are the Major NHL Free Agent Frenzy Signings and How they affect Fantasy Hockey Pools:


Name: Kevin Shattenkirk | Age: 28 years

Salary: 4 years | $6.65M

Team: New York Rangers


Overview: The #1 Free Agent for the 2017 offseason didn't drag on his pending contract. He signed just shortly after teams were allowed to put deals on paper. It's believed Shattenkirk was getting interest from several different teams including the Maple Leafs, Bruins, and Devils. In the end he signed with the Rangers passing on term and money. 


He is slated to play with Brady Skjei, Marc Staal, or Ryan McDonaugh. These are all massive defenseman who can really allow Shattenkirk to jump up on plays and really boost his game. Last season he had 56 points in 80 games, marking the 3rd straight season where he has had 50+ points. Impressive for a guy who is harshly critiqued. He will man the 1st PP alongside McDonaugh to start the season which isn't a bad thing considering the Rangers were in the middle of the pack for PP.



Projection: I project him putting up another 50 point season which would be the 4th time in a row. There is no reason he will not be able to reach this mark considering how the Rangers upgraded their Defense tremendously and have young guys developing in the farm. Shattenkirk is still a Top 10 Fantasy Defenseman and a Top 5 pick.


Name: Patrick Marleau | Age: 37 years + James Van Riemsdyk Trade Rumor

Salary: 3 years | $18.75M

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs


Overview: After the storm was gone the Maple Leafs made a big move by signing Patrick Marleau to a 3 year deal on the second day of Free Agency. He was slated to sign with Sharks after long time teammate Joe Thornton signed a one year deal but he decided to take his talent to the Hockey city of Canada. According to Pierre LeBrun the Sharks offered him 2 year and $10M contract. But I guess Marleau wanted more money and just saw a better fit in Toronto. Personally I think this is a bad deal, Marleau can still keep up but 37 going into 38 he's bound to slow down, and while his hockey IQ may allow him to still produce I don't see a fit with the Maple Leafs high paced offense. The Leafs are also paying him over $6M AAV which will come to haunt them when they are re-signing players in the near future and Marleau is 39 and scoring 25 points a year.


Patrick produced 46 points in 82 games last season and hasn't missed a game in the past 4 seasons. So durability isn't a questions. He can still put the puck in the net scoring 27 goals last season and averaging 17.09 min. So no question he can still keep up but for how long? For a one year fantasy he's a great fit, a great faceoff guy but can still play the wing. Now with Marleau's presence, no question James Van Riemsdyk will likely be traded. Just speculation but maybe to a team like the Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild or Nashville Predators who are looking for scoring. 



Projection: I'd project Marleau to get 50-60 points next season especially if he plays with Auston Matthews. Just go to the net and put your stick on the ice and you'll get 25 goals easily. I'd draft Marleau with my 10th or 11th pick, however this is only for one year pools.


Name: Justin Williams | Age: 35 years

Salary: 2 years | $4.5M

Team: Carolina Hurricanes


Overview: The Canes and Williams have a reuniting relationship here. Early in Justin's career he won a Stanley Cup with Carolina. While being interviewed he said a few different things go into deciding where to sign, one being familiarity, cost of living, city, and chance of winning. He said he believed most of these boxes were checked with Carolina. Some may say the Cans are still bound to lose but others are optimistic including Williams. That's why he signed with them.


When he was with Carolina he produced 76 points, 67 points, and even 30 points in 37 games. He put up marvelous stats and eventually won the Cup before leaving for the L.A Kings where he won two more Cups, and eventually going to the Capitals where he won two presidents trophies. This guy has no shortage of experience and I think this is important considering where Carolina is. They have guys like Viktor Rask, Sebastian Aho, and Noah Hanifin who could use some tips. This will be more of a teaching role for Williams, but teachers always need to show examples.



Projection: I project Williams to get anywhere around 40-50 points, possibly reaching the 25 goal point. A nice depth piece for your team, i'd take him with one of my last few picks.


Name: Martin Hanzal | Age 30 years

Salary: 3 years | $4.75M

Team: Dallas Stars


Overview: The Dallas Stars signed Hanzal and get a big strong penalty killer who will slot into a the 3rd line position. Not much to see here, he's a force up the middle and provides some depth for the Stars. He had 41 points in 64 games just a couple season ago. So he has potential and if he get's a chance to play with a guy like Radek Faksa his stock jumps up big time.



Projection: I'd project him anywhere with 30-40 points, 50 points if he's lucky. A nice waiver pickup or last pick.


Name: Patrick Sharp | Age: 35 years 

Salary: 1 years | $1M

Team: Chicago Blackhawks


Overview: Just a few years ago we saw Sharp go to the Stars because the Blackhawks needed to shed some cap space. What's new, however not before Sharp won 3 Stanley Cups with the Hawks. He was brought back to the city as a replacement for Marian Hossa who is sidelined after a career ending skin injury. Sharp has tons of chemistry with Jonathan Toews and even Brandon Saad who was recently brought back.


The Blackhawks are trying to reminisce on the good old days and while this could work out for them as it has in the past, Sharp has regressed and isn't the player he once was. He had 18 points in 48 games last season, but note he was used in a small role but now will likely see a major role on Chicago.



Projection: I project Sharp to play with Toews who could put Patrick in the 50 point plateau. This is wonderful and would be awesome to see. I'd pick him as a sleeper with one of my last few picks.


Name: Steve Mason | Age: 29 years

Salary: 2 years | $4.5M 

Team: Winnipeg Jets


Overview: A veteran goaltender by the name of Steve Mason is coming to the windy city. After witnessing the failure of the Jets defense with Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson not being able to keep up with the opposing teams offense, Winnipeg brought in an experienced goaltender who will be able to give off some tips and maybe allow the Jets offense to really explore. They were among the Top 10 rated Offensive teams.


Mason had a .908 SV% and a 2.66 GAA last season in 58 games with the Flyers. To be fair the Flyers weren't the best defensive team either so this is decent. The Jets signed Kulikov and already own a solid defensive core so Mason will only do better.



Projection: I project him to start in about 50 games and having a 2.22 GAA with a .930 SV%. Take him as a backup goalie in your Fantasy pool.


Note: This is just THP Opinion. We are not liable for any advice given, nor do we own any of the footage/media that may have been used in this article.


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