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posted Jul 08 2017, 10:51AM
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Hello everyone. This is TheHockeyPress on IBN. Here are the Fantasy Hockey & Media Roundup for 08/07/17. With Buzz from everyone in the NHL/Hockey World including us. More to come. Stay tuned. Share with all your friends!

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Here are the some of the Major Free Agent Signings and Trade Rumors:


1. Name: Alexander Radulov | Age: 30 years

Salary: 5 years | $31.25M

Team: Dallas Stars


Overview: Days after the Free Agency market opened the Dallas Stars signed Alexander Radulov, arguably the 2nd best free agent available this year after Shattenkirk obviously. The opinion around the Hockey world is very different some don't like this signing as it's for 5 years and carries over a $6M AAV. While Radulov produces for this pay he is 30 years old and keeping up with the game will be a question down the road.


It was reported the Montreal Canadiens offered this same contract to Radulov but he declined because he already agreed to sign with Dallas. Alex recently came from KHL where he was lightning it up. His attitude is a questions but people feel as if he's matured, but there is always that doubt of him going back to Russia. His first season back from the KHL he produced 13 goals, and 36 assists in 76 games to be among the Canadiens top scorers. Impressive considering he was only getting 18.17 min in TOI playing with the likes of a Tomas Plekanec, Alex Galchenyuk and Torrey Mitchell. Now he goes over to Dallas where he has Tyler Seguin and Jason Spezza up the middle who can excel his game to the highest of potential. They are solid playmakers who would allow Radulov to keep up speed wise and make sure he get's his scoring chances. I really like this upgrade.


Projection: I'd project Alexander Radulov to get 60-70 points. Just seeing what he did in Montreal playing with guys who aren't elite playmakers, and now going to Dallas who may have the best offense in the NHL. I can't wait to see him flourish. Take him with your 5th or 6th pick. Definitely not worth taking a risk and hoping he's there for the next round.



2. Alex Galchenyuk to Red Wings/Blackhawks:


With Alexander Radulov leaving and the Canadiens signing Ales Hemsky, Alex Galchenyuk may finally be moving. He just hasn't been able to fill the #1 C role the Habs hoped he would. It's time to move him for a scoring winger, top 4 defenseman or even a prospect. Just speculation here but maybe he will go to a team like the Chicago Blackhawks who will look for a Hossa replacement, or Detroit Red Wings since they always seem to acquire good young talent. Wouldn't be surprised if the Vegas Golden Knights made a push for him as well, he's young, likes the attention, and would be great for Vegas. They have a lot of excess defenseman anyways. Note: The contract reportedly does not affect the potential trade rumors. Everything is still the same.


3. How to Score: The Great guys from On.The.Bench on Instagram are hilarious with their Hockey 1 min Tip videos. They are a comedy duo and their video on how to score features some great techniques including going to the net and going Bardownskis. Take a look:




4. SportsNet and Hockey Parents: Before the Cup Final Game SN played a feature that showed how meaningful Hockey Parents really are. They support you through thick and thin and here is a tribute for them which is truly wonderful. Take a look:




5. Andrei Markov to Habs/Predators

There are rumblings the Habs are making a run for Andrei Markov. They want to improve their D-Core ASAP. Speculation on this one but what if Markov reunited with P.K Subban by signing with the Nashville Predators then the Preds traded Ellis/Ekholm for Matt Duchene.


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