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posted Aug 08 2017, 09:44PM
story by Chris Kapel
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Are you worth your weight in Gold? No, you're not

Each year, there are guys who are drafted way too high and way too low. Every year my dad has to have Chris Ivory for some reason, so he always takes him way too high. Make sure you check your league settings and how points are distributed. I play in one league where Brady and Rodgers are first round picks because they can score 70 any given week by themselves. I also play in other leagues where they fall because there is less value for the QB position. In PPR leagues the pass catching RB is going to be the guy. Think LT, Le'veon Bell, Danny Woodhead. There’s a good chance Christian McCaffrey ends up a top 5 RB this year in PPR leagues

Based on ESPN average draft positions on August 6th, these are the guys going too high and too low. I've listed a few guys to keep an eye on that really could turn heads this year. It’s also before preseason week 1. So this list will change at least twice before the season starts. Different people draft at different times for various reasons, so I’ll update different lists at different times and try to have the top 150 updated every Tuesday until the season starts. Enjoy and good luck!


1. Marcus Mariota

2. Jamaal Charles

3. Corey Davis

4. Martellus Bennett

5. Bilal Powell

6. Kareem Hunt

7. Danny Woodhead

Mariota finally has a great surrounding cast all the way around for him. There is no reason he shouldn’t shine and the Titans win their division this year.

Jamaal Charles at 80% of what he was is still the best back on the Broncos. CJ Anderson hasn’t stayed healthy or produced the last two seasons and no reason to believe Devontae Booker will be any good. On a team with an excellent defense, a stud running back can carry them.

Powell is probably the only Jet worth owning, but he is going to put up awesome numbers in PPR leagues.

Does anyone stay healthy in KC? Kareem hunt tore up the MAC at Toledo and can jump right in and help KC. He is THE handcuff to have and I’m not a handcuff type of fantasy owner.


1. Dez Bryant

2. Demaryius Thomas

3. DeAndre Hopkins

4. Todd Gurley

5. Rob Gronkowski

6. Joe Mixon

7. Ben Roethlisberger

Dez is awesome, amazing, probably top 5 WR in the NFL. But Dak is going to regress in his second year. The Cowboys will run Zeke until he can’t run any further (possible suspension pending). I just don’t see him putting up the production of a first or second round pick.

Hopkins and Thomas share the same downside...who is going to throw them the ball? DT has openly said this will be his best year as a pro. I just can’t believe that after some of the Manning years. As a Broncos fan, I want to… I just can’t get behind him as a high pick with Siemian or Lynch throwing to him. Denver needs to run and play D to win this season.

Gronk is on this list? Am I nuts? The Patriots are so loaded on offense that they won’t have to rely on Gronk as much in the Red Zone. They just have so many weapons on offense that I don’t see him ending up the #1 TE. This has nothing to do with diminished skills, rather how loaded New England is.

Joe Mixon is just being drafted too high. The Bengals have Hill and Bernard still. Mixon figures to be the workhorse. He is coming off a foot injury. I just don’t think this is the time for Mixon to shine.

If Big Ben stays healthy he and Brady are Qb’s 1 and 2. IF Big Ben stays healthy it’s likely a Steelers/Patriots AFC Championship game. If Big Ben stays healthy…   will he?  His health puts him on this list.

May hear a lot about these guys

1. Josh Doctson

2. Kenny Stills(he may move up up up and not be a sleep now with Cutler)

3. Kevin White

4. Zay Jones

5. Jeff Heuerman/Jake Butt

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