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posted Aug 30 2017, 05:40PM
story by Chris Kapel
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Who did I miss?

So here we are… the week of NFL preseason #4 and the Denver Broncos have a guy who may be working at a bank in a month as their back up QB. The Jets are a mess and last I counted 24 players have been lost to ACL or similar injuries for the season. Alas, we come to the final projections for fantasy football. Every site you look at has a top list of players at each position, including this one. This story is going to be different. This story will be about tiers. What rounds it wouldn’t be crazy to draft different players from different positions in. Hell, I drafted Christian McCaffrey in the 1st last week because I had Le'Veon Bell as my second round keeper and he wouldn’t be there in the third. Did I overdraft? Most certainly. Am I nuts for drafting him over AJ Green? Probably. That’s what makes this fun. I’m there in a room full of pizza, beer and my buddies having a good time at a live draft and getting the business for taking McCaffrey in the first. It’s all good. If I were a bettor, I would bet A.J. has more fantasy points than Mac. I wanted Mac on my it’s OK. My dad has some fantasy mojo where he has to give Chris Ivory a roster spot, it’s his fantasy thing.

A lot of leagues have different scoring, I beg you… look at your league’s scoring system. Look for when players lock. Look at your league settings! If something doesn’t add up, talk to the commish before the season starts.

People who play with FAAB $$$, I will be doing a section each week to with a % a FAAB budget I would spend on any given free agent. I can’t give a specific dollar amount because every league has a different budget. I am playing in three leagues, one has $1,000, another has $500 and another has $100. Obviously if I say $20, it could mean a lot in the $100 league but not so much in the $1,000 league.

This is what you can look forward to if you choose to follow me this season: Interaction every week. Rankings every week and updates after the Thursday night games. Honest feedback and welcome debate if you disagree with me. You won’t get someone who knows everything, because no one does. Even the and guys make great calls and terrible calls each week. So do I! I’ll share my teams and starting lineups on Twitter and my best value picks for daily fantasy if you play DraftKings.

I’m also streaming a DST every week this year. So each week, you’ll get a recap of the previous week, what I hit on what I missed on and what crazy stats happened that hopefully it’ll be unique and you won’t find anywhere else. I get it, you have many choices when looking for fantasy advice and IBN is a great choice. I see people tweet all day, even to the point he gets frustrated answering the same questions. Sometimes, just check the timeline on Twitter and maybe your question will already be answered. We make every attempt to answer everyone, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

This is a little different, as I explained earlier. I’ll list position and in PPR regular scoring ESPN leagues, what tier the player should be and what rounds you should draft them in. The later you get a guy the better. I’m not going to list kickers or DST… draft them where you see fit, I say 15-16 unless you just have to have Justin Tucker or the Broncos. I’ve played in leagues where Brady goes in the 1st in QB heavy scoring leagues and like I said earlier, I way overdrafted for McCaffrey. Things happen, have fun and good luck!

If you’re still reading this, I appreciate you and I ask you to follow me on Twitter. I’ll get you that trophy, belt or ring come let’s go win you your league! Here we have QB and RB. These players are not listed in any particular order in each tier.


Round 4

Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady

Round 6

Drew Brees

Round 7

Matt Ryan

Round 9

Andrew Luck (Injury)

Russell Wilson

Cam Newton

Round 10

Dak Prescott

Marcus Mariota

Round 11

Jameis Winston

Kirk Cousins

Ben Roethlisberger

Round 14

Matthew Stafford

Derek Carr

If you get yourself into a league where people are going QB very high, there is some good depth this year. Guys like Carson Palmer, Carson Wentz and Philip Rivers aren’t even being drafted in 10 team leagues. I’m the type of player who only has 1 QB on my team and adds one during my bye week and if I have an injury, snag a QB off Waivers.

Others I am high on:

Jay Cutler

Philip Rivers

Andy Dalton


Round 1

David Johnson

Leveon Bell

Lesean McCoy

Ezekiel Elliott (Chance his suspension is reduced or next year, similar to Brady deflate gate)

Devonta Freeman

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Jay Ajayi

Round 2

Melvin Gordon

Jordan Howard

DeMarco Murray

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Todd Gurley

Round 3

Dalvin Cook

Lamar Miller

Christian McCaffrey

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Isiah Crowell

Round 4

Leonard Fournette

Marshawn Lynch

Bilal Powell (He is very underrated)

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Kareem Hunt (I’m a Toledo Alumni and probably the only person not high on Hunt)

Round 5

Ty Montgomery

Carlos Hyde

Mark Ingram

Joe Mixon (Don’t watch the video)

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Danny Woodhead, he’s a PPR machine

Round 7

CJ Anderson (Charles will take away his fantasy value)

Adrian Peterson

Ameer Abdullah

Mike Gillislee

Frank Gore

Eddie Lacy

Theo Riddick

Wouldn’t be crazy to draft Rex Burkhead

Round 8

Duke Johnson Jr.

Darren McFadden (Round 6 if Zeke suspension is upheld at 6 games)

Rob Kelley

Tevin Coleman

CJ Prosise

Wouldn't be crazy to take Jamaal Charles (I’m very high on him)

Round 9

Paul Perkins (don’t love this… no OL)

Thomas Rawls

Terrance West

Doug Martin (SUPER steal if he’s still here [suspension looming])

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Legarrette Blount

Round 10

Darren Sproles

Matt Forte

Derrick Henry

Jonathan Stewart

Samaje Perine

Alvin Kamara (Too low???)

Wouldn’t be crazy to take Jacquizz Rodgers

Later rounds guys I LOVE

D’Onta Foreman

Dion Lewis

Marlon Mack (May be the steal of the draft)

DeAndre Washington

Wendell Smallwood

Chris Thompson

We will end this with more funny team names:

Guy with Carlos Hyde and Tyreek Hill: Hyde and Tyreek

Victorious Secret

Make Fantasy Great Again

Brady Gaga

Laces out, Dan

Dak to the future

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