Who's more Valuable on the Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott, Sean Lee or Tyron Smith?
posted Nov 24 2017, 02:32PM
story by Lee Harvey
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Can Dak Prescott get out of this funk?

It started on November 12th @ the Atlanta Falcons. Dallas went through the 1st half trailing 10-7 but then they got outscored in the 2nd half 17-0 losing 27-7 in their 1st game since Zeke got suspended. One of the best left tackles in football Tyron Smith didn't play due to a groin injury & that led to Adrian Clayborn having the best game of his 7-year NFL career. Dak Prescott was sacked 8 times, Clayborn had 6 of those sacks including 5 tackles for loss, 7 hits on Dak Prescott, 2 forced fumbles & a fumble recovery going up against Tyron's backup Chaz Green. Those are numbers you expect from a healthy JJ Watt, Lawerence Taylor or Bruce Smith not Adrian Clayborn who had 2 sacks all year long coming into that game.

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The following week they went up against the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football. A game they had to win just to make the NFC East race just a little bit interesting. The Cowboys defense kept Carson Wentz in check, Mike Nugent kicked 3 FG's & Dallas led 9-7 at halftime. Then the 2nd half came & everything fell apart again for the Cowboys being outscored 30-0 losing 37-9 at home on National TV. Dak Prescott had his worst game as a pro going 18 for 31 for 145 yards, career-high 3 INT's (2 in the 1st half), a 30.4 QB Rating & 1 lost fumble. It was already embarrassing to get shutout in the 2nd half on your homefield but to have RB Jay Ajayi who just got to the Eagles via trade say after the game that the Cowboys quit in the 3rd quarter, that's pretty bad knowing Jay isn't really telling a lie.

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After getting beat by the Falcons & Eagles by a combined score of 64-16, the Cowboys coming off a short week had a chance to bounce back against the LA Chargers on Thanksgiving. The Chargers led 3-0 at halftime & Dallas was lucky they were down that much cause Nick Novak threw his back out missing a 35-yard FG, LA's 2nd drive ended on downs at the 4-yard line & Dak Prescott dinked and dunked through the 1st half going 9/10 for 46 yards....hell Dez Bryant wasn't even targeted through the 1st 30 minutes. The 2nd half came & once again they were outscored 28-3 ending up losing 28-6 resulting in their 3rd straight loss.

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Philip Rivers had what I thought his best game of his 14-year career going 27 of 33 for 434 yards & 3 TD's (12 of 14 for 230 yards & 3 TD's in the 2nd half). Keenan Allen put in work on that Dallas secondary with 11 catches for a career-high 172 yards & a TD https://twitter.com/MusikFan4Life/status/933857202951086080

But the topic of discussion was Dak Prescott struggling again throwing 2 INT's in the 4th quarter including a 90-yard pick 6 to rookie DB Desmond King https://twitter.com/MusikFan4Life/status/933857755408011264

During this 3-game losing streak, the Cowboys have been outscored 92-19 (75-0 in the 2nd half). They've missed 3 players critical to their team RB Ezekiel Elliott, LB Sean Lee & Left Tackle Tyron Smith (Tyron missed 2 of the 3 games). So let's break down how valuable each guy is to the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott through his 1st 8 games this season has 783 yards rushing & 7 TD's on 191 carries and this was while he & Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was fighting a 6-game suspension for domestic violence. As of now he's still 6th in the NFL in rushing & he leads the league in rushing yards per game with 97.9. The suspension was gonna happen at some point eventually & since's he's been gone, the team has scored less than 10 points in all 3 games.

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Sean Lee has missed 5 games this season including the last 3. It's been well known that when Lee is healthy, Dallas' defense has allowed 19.8 points per game. Not bad in NFL standards. Without him on the field, they give up nearly 30 points a game & it almost doesn't matter who they're up against when Sean Lee is not on the field. In the last 3 games alone without Lee, they've given up 30.6 points per game & I'm not sure when he's gonna be back from that hamstring injury.

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The injuries to Sean Lee, Tyron Smith & the suspension to Ezekiel Elliott has affected Dak Prescott in the worst way possible. In his last 3 games, Dak has completed 66.3% of his passes, thrown for less than 200 yards in each game, no TD passes (1 TD run), 5 INT's & 3 lost fumbles. Any show I've watched on ESPN or FS1 is asking questions like "Has Dak Prescott been exposed?" I don't know about exposed but he is a 2nd-year QB who still needs a solid running game to get by. Dak isn't ready yet to carry a team on his shoulders consistently like Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees etc. He still has plenty of time to grow....if he was ready now, Dez Bryant wouldn't go through 17 games without a 100-yard game (15 catches for 139 yards & no TD's on 27 targets in his last 3 games). The losing streak & bad QB play has really gotten to Dak to the point where he's firing back at his critics:

"What I would say to those people? Keep questioning me. If you're questioning me, you don't know me or what I'm about. Have fun at it."

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