Fantasy Football: Week 13
posted Nov 28 2019, 09:07AM
story by Chris Kapel
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This is news to me

Gobble Gobble Goo and Gobble Gobble Gee… I like turkey and turkey likes me.

At this stage of the game, you’re in the playoffs, in the hunt or dead in the water. Hopefully you’re still playing and not giving up. It would really suck if you gave up and allowed a guy to win in week 13 when you tried in week 4 and beat another guy, and said guy makes the playoffs over other said guy…  right guy??  

I am thankful for you for reading this. 

This was written before the Thursday games. WATCH FOR INJURY UPDATES

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ESPN PPR Rankings by


1. Mahomes and auto (Bundle and save)

2. Russel Wilson

3. Lamar Jackson (MVP MVP MVP)

4. Jameis Winston

5. Drew Brees

6. Aaron Rodgers

7. Josh Allen

8. Kyler Murray

9. Dak Prescott

10. Kirk Cousins

11. Nick Foles

12. Desean Watson

13. Carson Wentz

14. Tom Brady

15. Sam Darlond

16. Matt Ryan


BOOM: Darnold

BUST: Jackson (this is not possible. He just won’t have 5 TD’s and a perfect passer rating. You’re starting him, he’s going to have a good game, just not a top 3 QB game)


Ride the horse that got you here. I was chatting with my wife yesterday and she was asking who to start. Wintson, Brees or Josh Allen. I said they were all pretty close. I imagine Winston would have 300+ 3 TDs and 2 INT. Breed 300+ with 2 Tds and Allen a few TDs, rushing yards and a rushing score. I told her to start who she did most of the year. She said “Honestly, it’s been Josh Allen over Brees and Winston.” I was shocked. We play in a 12 team PPR, ESPN league and she is in 2nd with a chance to take the 1 seed this weekend. 

This season, Josh Allen has score more than both Winston and Bree in ESPN leagues. Ride the horse that got you there. (She went with Winston)


1. CMC

2. Alvin Kamara

3. Dalvin Cook


5. Saquon Barkley

6. Nick Chubb

7. Leonard Fournette

8. Le'veon Bell

9. Josh Jacobs

10. Mark Ingram

11. Chris Carson

12. Derrick Henry

13. Aaron Jones

14. Todd Gurley

15. Melvin Gordon

16. Philip Lindsay

17. Devonta Freeman

18. Austin Ekeler

19. Ronald Jones

20. James White

21. Joe Mixon

22. Miles Sanders

23. Tevin Coleman

24. Jonathan Williams

25. Devin Singletary

26. Tarik Cohen

27. LeSean McCoy

28. Kenyan Drake

29. Carlos Hyde

30. Sony Michel

31. Kareem Hunt

32. David Montgomery

33. Benny Snell

34. Bo Scarborough

35. Jamaal Willaims

36. Jaylen Samuals

37. Lataviud Murray

38. Rex Burkhead

39. Nyhiem Hines

40. Derrius Guice (Will he ever show up?)


BOOM: Scarborough

BUST: Le'veon Bell


By this time, you know who you should be starting. You know who has the quality matchups, or a Thursday night game. You should know to look at Detroit’s 3rd string QB or if Denver is starting Drew Lock or not and what that means to the surrounding team. 


1. MT


3. Tyreek Hill

4. Julian Edelman

5. Devante Adams

6. Mike Evans 

7. Julio Jones

8. DJ Chark

9. DJ Moore

10. Adam Theilan

11. Deandre Hopkins

12. Cooper Kupp

13. Tyler Lockett

14. Jarvis Landry 

15. Allen Robinson 

16. John Brown

17. Amari Cooper (Which Coop shows up today?)

18. Stephon Diggs

19. Keenan Allen

20. OBJ

21. T.Y. Hilton

22. Courtland Sutton (Drew Lock)

23. Christian Kirk

24. Jamison Crowder

25. Tyler Boyd

26. Alshon Jeffrey

27. Dede Westbrook

28. Emmanual Sanders

29. Michael Gallup

30. Kenny Golladay

31. Calvin Ridley

32. DK Metcalf

33. Devante Parker

34. Brandin Cooks

35. Golden Tate (INJURY  RULED OUT)

36. Marvin Jones

37. Sterling Shepard (MOVE UP TO 27a DUE TO TATE INJURY)

38. Chris Conley

39. A.J. Brown

40. Curtis Samual



BUST: Hopkins (Shadowed by Gilmore)



1. George Kittle

2. Zach Ertz

3. Travis Kelce

4. Darren Waller

5. Hunter Henry

6. Jared Cook

7. Mark Andrews

8. Evan Engram

9. Gerald Everett

10. NOAH FANT(Trending up)

11. Greg Olsen

12. Jack Doyle

13. Dallas Geodert

14. Mike Gesicki

15. Ryan Griffin

16. Kyle Rudolph



1. Eagles

2. Bears

3. Panthers

4. Jets

5. Steelers 

6. Patriots

7. Saints

8. Cowboys

9. 49ers

10. Colts

11. Packers

12. Lions

13. Rams

14. Chargers

15. Jaguars

16. Titans

Matchups I like this week:

QB: Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold, Kyler Murray

RB: Ronald Jones, ZEKE, Philip Lindsay

WR: DK Metcalf, Adam Theilan, CHRIS GODWIN

Matchups I don’t like this week:

QB: Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, Matt Ryan 

RB: Leonard Fournette, Le'veon Bell, Alvin Kamara

WR: Kenny Golladay, Deandre Hopkins, Amari Cooper


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