Top NFL Prospects by Position: QB/RB Edition
posted Mar 04 2013, 05:15PM
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Here are my NFL draft positional rankings as of 3/5/13

Breakdowns will be provided as follows:

March 5: Quarterbacks & Running Backs 

March 6: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

March 7: Offensive Line

March 8: Defensive Line

March 15: Linebackers

March 20: Secondary


  1. Geno Smith, West Virginia


  1. Possess great physical attributes and competiveness, but needs to improve on his footwork and blitz recognition. Played much of his career in a spread offense. Minimal time under center during collegiate career. Began last season on fire, but regressed as the season progressed.  

Projected Round: Top 15


  1. Matt Barkley, Southern Cal


  1. Excellent leader and has great intangibles. Has a ton of experience in a pro-style offense. Good accuracy and has a high football IQ. Had a disastrous senior year. Threw twice as many picks as junior season. Forced too many throws and doesn’t possess great athleticism, size or arm strength. His O-Line and coach did him no favors last year.

Projected Round: 1-2


  1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas


  1. Strong arm and throws with good velocity. Very tough QB who doesn’t mind sticking in the pocket and taking a lick. Has an unorthodox release. He isn’t overly athletic and his numbers were inflated playing in Arkansas pass happy offense.


Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Mike Glennon, NC State


  1. Prototypical pocket passer with great size and has a cannon for an arm. Possess all the tools needed for a NFL QB. Can make every throw at the next level. Needs to work on his mechanics and footwork. Not very mobile or athletic.

Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse


  1. Great mechanics with good arm strength. He is very tough and possess great pump fake. Not a great athlete and forces too many throws. Needs to improve footwork.

Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Tyler Bray, Tennessee


  1. Great arm strength, size and good mechanics. Forces too many throws, needs to improve his footwork, and most importantly did not display leadership qualities while in college.

Projected Round: 3-4


  1. Landry Jones, Oklahoma


  1. Good size and arm strength, but very inconsistent. Has a lot of college experience against premier competition. Often gets happy feet while in the pocket. Mobility is also a concern. Very inconsistent from game to game.

Projected Round: 3-4


  1. E.J. Manuel, Florida State


  1. Has a solid arm, quick release and gained a lot of experience while in college. Great athlete with all the physical tools. Not a very accurate passer. Poor decision making and forces too many throws. Struggled against good defenses. 

Projected Round: 3-4


  1. Zac Dysert, Miami (Ohio)


  1. Good athlete with good intangibles. Good size, but arm strength is a question. Didn’t throw the ball vertically very often in college and did not put up gaudy numbers against inferior competition.

Projected Round: 4-5


  1. Matt Scott, Arizona


  1. Dual threat QB with good accuracy and very elusive. May not be able to handle the punishment at the next level due to slim build. Does not have much experience at the collegiate level.

Projected Round: 5-6


Running Backs:

  1. Eddie Lacy, Alabama


  1. Punishing runner, but also possess nice burst. Patient runner that does not shy away from contact. Tough to bring down with solid hands. Also, has the ability to make defenders miss. Durability, pass protection and putting the rock on the ground are concerns. 

Projected Round: 1-2


  1. Giovanni Bernard, North Carolina


  1. Very smooth runner. He isn’t a burner, but he has great vision and is deceptively fast. Great burst and can make defenders miss. Good hands out of the backfield. Can make plays both rushing the ball and in the return game. Durability and size are concerns.

Projected Round: 1-2


  1. Joseph Randle, Oregon State


  1. Great acceleration and can make defenders miss. Has good hands out of the backfield and is solid in pass protection. Doesn’t have great speed or burst. At times, allows his emotions get the best of him. Needs to do a better job protecting the ball. 


Projected Round: 2-3

  1. Andre Ellington, Clemson


  1. Tough, yet elusive runner. Nice burst, but not a burner. Does not avoid contact and has good vision. Has good hands and can be a threat in the return game. Needs to improve his pass protection. Is undersized and has some durability issues.

Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Montee Ball, Wisconsin


  1. Unbelievable production running behind a great O-Line in college. Can do everything well, but nothing great. Good hands and decent in pass protection. Patient, hard runner with good vision. Used heavily in college and undersized. Does not possess game breaking speed.

Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Johnathan Franklin, UCLA


  1. Burner. Good vision and burst. Used his speed to make plays in UCLA’s zone blocking scheme. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the hands or blocking ability needed to be a successfully 3rd down back. Durability was not an issue in college.

Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Stepfan Taylor, Stanford


  1. Physical runner and has a nice burst. Possess great hands and has good vision. Great in pass protection, but lacks NFL speed. Not the most physically gifted, but runs hard. Needs to become a more patient runner.

Projected Round: 2-3


  1. Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
    1. One of the more talented backs in the draft, but has been plagued by injuries. Strong, powerful back, but lacks game breaking speed. Punishing runner with good hands out of the backfield. Also, is good in pass protection. Sustained a horrific knee injury early in the season. May not be able to ever return to form. Rooting for him to make it back.

Projected Round: 3-5


Christine Michael, Texas A&M

  1. One of the best athletes in this year’s RB class, if not the best. Fast, explosive, strong and possess great vision. Has a low center of gravity. Attitude is big concern. Pass protection also needs improvement.

Projected Round: 3-5


  1. Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State


  1. Physical runner with great size. Deceptively fast for someone his size, but not a burner. Fights for extra yards. Good hands and possess a nice spin move, stiff arm, and leaping ability in open field. Needs to work on pass protection and being more team orientated. Vision is subpar. 

Projected Round: 3-5

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