The undisputed NFL-CFB champ! Randizzle is not one of the best sports handicappers in the country he is the best, and his dominance in the industry has been going on since 2007, when he went 97-36-3 in CFB. That dominating performance had the gambling industry buzzing (RX Forum / Covers Forum / Statfox) had over 5 million views weekly , with forum members anticipating his football weekly releases. Randizzle has produced 7 out of 8 years of profits in NFL -- He has 8 straight years in +profits in CFB -- Also was affiliated with the famed "Money Team" (Floyd Mayweather) for several years as one of his betting consultants

Randizzle's late money movement strategy method is a unique long-term approach to sports betting and has helped him produce devastating profits across a wide spectrum of sports, including CBB/NBA. He had his best two college hoops seasons in 2013 & 2014, best years in NBA was 2014 when he went 25-4-1 during NBA Playoffs for +$13,874 in profits, MLB has been a disaster since 2013 (took off in 2015) no need to force plays in your worst sport.

At the end of the day you want a long-term relationship with Randizzle, not because you want to win tonight... but because you want to WIN tmrw night / next week / next month, he's the capper that's proved it yearly so stop waisting time with those clown cappers that pop-up daily on Twitter, get a long-term relationship with the Veteran who's been through the gambling wars and always comes out ahead.

"Gamblings is a marathon, not a sprint" - Randizzle

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