More proof that the american sports world is a mess. You’ve heard some words from Incarcerated Bob on twitter saying that some more names were linked with the whole scandal that rocked the world earlier this year, A Rod being the biggest of them all. But before getting to the dirty part, let’s put up a little background story. Introducing first our guest on the line : Jessica. She had been introduced to Anthony Bosch by mutual friends before beginning to work for him from April 2010 to February 2012 as an assistant before leaving the company. She was in charge of keeping track of pretty much every financial transfer in Bosch’s clinic. And, rightfully so, she contacted Incarcerated Bob to let the world know what she saw while working at this alleged “PED’s” clinic.

Here’s some details about the things she kept track of :

Incarcerated Bob : What names stood out to you ?

Jessica : LJ, JN, Francisco, Cruz ..

Incarcerated Bob : These were the name that you just had and were told to put in the books ?

Jessica : Yes.

Incarcerated Bob : How did that work, money would come in ? Did Mr Bosch tell you to put some initials in the books ?

Jessica : Yes. Like LJ, someone named Mr Paul would come in and Mr Bosch would give a check to put in the book LJ as being “payed for the month”.

Our guest added later that this Mr Paul came every month, once a month, taking products for LJ. She  told IBN Sports Wrap that Mr Paul was a friend of LeBron James and what we know for sure is that one of LJB’s closest friend’s AND agent is Rich Paul. She also pointed out that some of her coworkers were 100% sure that Lebron James was a client of the institute and was the LJ in question. But here are more details :

Incarcerated Bob : Now, you also said a JN who did that stand for ?

Jessica : Jameer Nelson.

Incarcerated Bob : How do you know JN is Jameer Nelson ?

Jessica : Well, he came to the office.

Incarcerated Bob : So you’re saying Jameer Nelson came in person ?

Jessica : Yes

Incarcerated Bob : What did he take ? Did he make a payment ?

Jessica : Yes, he took products.

Incarcerated Bob : Did he actually pay ?

Jessica : Yeah, he paid in cash.

Our guest officially identified Jameer Nelson, player of the Orlando Magic who had come in person to Anthony Bosch’s office numerous times and later confirmed that she was indeed telling the truth about both him and LeBron James. Answering a question from Incarcerated Bob,  the former Biogenesis bookkeeper told IBN that she was instructed to destroy all the files when the investigations began on Mr Bosch’s clinic and our guest had been explicitly asked to erase the initials and the name (JN, LJ, Francisco ..) from files/bookkeeping logs.

In my view too many things add up for this to be a coincidence , we have a smoking gun who physically saw one NBA star (Jameer Nelson) and who saw a Mr. Paul make payments for someone who had the initials L.J. — Meanwhile the best friend for (Lebron James) is non other than Rich Paul.. Something smells real fishy in South Beach and it’s not those late night Miami escorts. The NBA clearly has a steroid problem and the biggest superstar in the game looks involved. Fans deserve a thorough investigation and possibly future testing league wide.

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